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Did Not Disappoint

I had the pleasure of working with Darcy on my first major project, Freedom Runner, and she did not disappoint. As an author we often

A Delight to Work With

I hired Darcy through her DP Proofreading Services company for a verbal real-time proofreading project after connecting with her on LinkedIn. I found our time

Professional Experience

My experience was professional and efficient. Her technology processes are easy to facilitate. Her website is thorough and her prices. Her time lines are immensely

Clear, honest, concrete advice.

I can’t say enough about my new friend, Darcy. She not only offered editing and proof-reading services for me, but she gave me clear, honest,

Very Professional and Personable.

I’ve been dealing with Darcy for some time now and have always found her professional and personable. She has been fantastic whenever I’ve had questions

Extremely Meticulous.

I have had the occasion to work with Darcy on many different projects. I have found her to be extremely meticulous with a very strong

Hard Working.

I don’t know if I’ve known anyone more hard working or as dedicated as Darcy.

Always Helpful!

She is extremely helpful whenever I make a mistake, showing me not only where I went wrong, but how to correct it so I don’t