How to Build a Website Online without Breaking the Bank!

Are you wondering how to build a website online without wasting precious time and money? Well, I have been evaluating website builders for more than a decade now, so that’s enough to say, I know what to use and what to avoid. I learned the hard way not to settle for the most “user friendly” drag and drop web builders. This left me with horrible hosting with one problem after the other, and extremely limited control over the look and functions of my website.

We all learn from our mistakes however, and by experiencing all of that, I now know what to look for in a website builder exactly!

What to look for:

  • Powerful Web Hosting Ability: Not all web hosts are capable of resisting heavy traffic. This is one of the biggest setbacks you can have when creating a website — especially if your site is intended for business purposes. The more visitors who are unable to access your website, the more sales you will lose. When a host cannot withstand heavy traffic, the problem can range from having the site load slower to not being accessible at all.  Either way, it is not a good thing, and you want to ensure your visitors and customers are kept happy! This can be done by doing some research on the host before you start using it.


  • Plenty of Theme Choices & Friendly Plugins Available: The more options you have for the appearance and functionality of your website, the more your website will be “visitor friendly!” If your builder only offers a bunch of pop-up plugins, such as, pop-up newsletters, social shares, and other notifications — it will give off a very intrusive presence, and your potential customers will fear your site contains viruses or is a scam site. You want to ensure your site appears welcoming, and clean. There is nothing wrong with having newsletters, and social share plugins of course, so long as they are stationary, so guests can choose whether they wish to use them.


  • Affordable Packages: One of the greatest fears for any new web master is that they will go bankrupt quickly with all the website invoices. Most hosts want you to pay yearly for a domain, plus a monthly bill for using the builder itself, and even a cost for having a matching domain email address. This adds up fast! And you do not want to be paying $30 per month for a site with extremely limited functions. This is another thing to investigate before signing up! And if the host does not give you an option to try it free first, then I strongly recommend looking somewhere else. You do not want to get yourself into a contract before you know everything there is to know about the program you are using! Trust me.

I am sure you are wondering exactly where to find the web builders who offer all this stuff. Well, do not worry a bit, because I am about to give you the key to the gold cabinet. There is a wealth of online website creators out there and speaking from experience — valuable time can be wasted trying to use the wrong builder. Whether you are looking to create a simple information site or a complex online shop — you want the absolute best. And I can point you in the right direction!

An Introduction to SiteRubix:

Do you know SiteRubix Dot Com?

If not, I cannot say I am surprised. SiteRubix is an incredibly powerful web building tool that is powered by an online community devoted to helping others create their own successful online business.

In fact— SiteRubix is the most powerful website builder with free domain options available today.

“What makes SiteRubix so powerful?”

SiteRubix is connected to Wealthy Affiliate Dot Com, which intern is connected to WordPress and keeps two different versions of your website always running. In saying this, you will be able to receive extensive traffic to your site without any problems. You will also have access to hundreds of professionally styled themes to suite your needs, along with access to amazing SEO (search engine optimization) packages, platform tools for website feedback, keyword search tools, link tracking and more! You will even receive a notification when Google has found your site and has started indexing it in Google Search! How cool is that?

A web master’s prime goal is to reach the top of Google in order to start receiving the highest amount of traffic possible, and to be recognized as a top and trustworthy brand. It is easy to find web builders with basic SEO tools that allow you to insert keywords, and give you access to a free coupon to start advertising your site with pay per click ads, but other than that you are usually on your own for checking your websites indexing and rank progress. But with SiteRubix you can start tracking the progress of your site right away! Both on Google and within the builder itself. SiteRubix also allows you to monitor the health of your website as you go along.Your sites health will improve with the more content you add to it.

The Value of Using SiteRubix:

Okay. Thus far you have been informed that SiteRubix meets the first two requirements for building a website online. And by now I am sure you are wondering about the final value of using this powerful system.

As you know, SiteRubix has a free domain option. When you sign up for this program you can choose whether you wish to use a free domain or purchase your own.

If you choose a free domain, your website link will look like this: YOUR WEBSITE

Doing this, will allow you to use most of SiteRubixs’ functions for no charge and for as long as you like. This is a fantastic way to get to know the builder without having to worry about committing to it, and if you do not like what you see — no worries. You will not have lost any money. And if you do like what you seegreat! When your website really gets going, and it is filled with great content, you may decide to start creating a sturdier name for yourself by purchasing your own domain name.

To do this, you can easily transfer your free domain, and all its contents, to a paid domain after you have registered one. SiteRubix makes registering a domain both easy and affordable as well.

You can purchase a domain for USD18 or under. And you will only have to pay for your domain on an annual basis.

“Is there a monthly charge for using SiteRubix?”

Yes and no. As I mentioned earlier, SiteRubix is connected to Wealthy Affiliate Dot Com. This online university allows you to learn everything you need to know about using SiteRubix to build your own business. And you can choose to sign up for a free membership or a paid one. Their free membership allows you to build two free websites with SiteRubix and includes the first entrepreneur certification program for free as well.

Have a look below to get a better understanding of the university’s pricing.

“Are there any alternatives to SiteRubix?”

No. There are some decent web builders out there such as Wix, GoDaddy and Weebly. But you will be entirely on your own for figuring out the web builder, and you will have extremely limited functions with only a Facebook comment system. (Which is not the greatest for Google rankings.) Not to mention there are no live video sessions, and written in-depth lessons, on how to be successful.

I know USD49 seems like a lot at first, but with everything that is included with this unique and powerful program — USD49 a month starts looking dirt cheap real fast. Honestly.

The Long & Short of it:

How can you build a website online? Get started in minutes by Clicking Here. Start experiencing the magic of SiteRubix Dot Com. There is no other web building tool like it. And the return you will get on your investment is well worth it!