About Darcy Peltz

As a young adult, I often immersed myself in fantasy novels, as youthful people often do to escape reality. In my case, reading classic sagas such as The Lord of the Rings and The Dream Hunter allowed me to explore my own imagination. Like most teenagers, I struggled with certain subjects, such as math and science (who needs ‘em, anyways?), but excelled in others, primarily English. Reading and writing were an escape from my adolescent stress and constant ribbing which filled my days. It wasn’t all bad, though! I eventually made friends in my school’s theatre community which helped me achieve a level of confidence that I did not know I had. Acting aided me in finishing the merciless jungle that is high school and helped me survive through seven years of retail, until I finally found my calling: proofreading. With that one goal in mind, I set out on a long journey of self-discovery which lead me to my eventual end result — offering online proofreading services to my beloved clientele.

During my last years in retail, the demands of working on a sales floor were taking a toll on my physical well-being. This was a hard thing for me to admit to given my training and experience, but the circumstances of this realization were what pushed me to finally start my own business and do what I truly love. Besides simply proofreading or editing, my passion in life is making people happy. Your happiness is truly my top priority and I make sure to convey that message in the work that I provide.

After retiring my retail career for good, I began working from home, selling valuables on auction sites to get by as I started my very own business. Turns out that working from home is my superpower (who knew?!). I worked from home for almost half a year, until I discovered The International Career School of Canada, which is an exceptional online college. I enrolled in a few courses that peaked my interests and further expanded my knowledge. During that time, I had my heart set on writing my own fantasy novel, so I enrolled in a program that taught freelance writing. This was the beginning of an exciting new career!

Shortly after graduating with my freelance writing course, I fell in love with proofreading as well as writing. I had originally taken the course in order to gain knowledge on book publishing, but I ended up falling head-over-heals in love with the art-form instead. I discovered that a single course (and a diploma) were enough to get me started down a path of self-employment and personal fulfillment.  I decided to enhance my knowledge of proofreading by saving my pennies and taking yet another course  that taught the art and business of proofreading. It was the best decision of my life! For not only am I able to work from home, but I absolutely adore what I do. It gives me great joy to set someone’s mind at ease when I mark-up a document for them. With my new-found knowledge, I was able to apply myself and begin offering online proofreading services to my new and existing clients.

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